2019 -2020 VTCLA Calendar

Meeting Dates/Location for 2019-2020

September 6, 2019   Capitol Plaza, Montpelier  AGENDA HERE
November 1, 2019    Capitol Plaza, Montpelier
February 7, 2020     Capitol Plaza, Montpelier
April 3, 2020            Capitol Plaza, Montpelier
May 1, 2020              Capitol Plaza, Montpelier              

2019- 2020 Membership Information

VTCLA Member vs Non-Member

VTCLA membership is about more than just attending meetings. Benefits of being a VTCLA member are outlined below. Non-VTCLA members are still welcome to attend meetings by paying a per session fee of $200 ($1000 total for five meetings vs $600 membership fee). Membership includes access to numerous benefits not accessible to non-members. See below for more details.

VTCLA Meetings

These meetings are at the heart of the organization. VTCLA meetings provide members with opportunities for important collegial networking, professional learning, and critical insights into current policy directives from the legislature and AOE. In the 2019-2020 year, there are five scheduled meetings (9/6, 11/1, 2/7, 4/3, 5/1). Membership provides a discount for attending these meetings ($600 membership fee vs $1000 for guests paying to attend each meeting). Connecting with other curriculum leaders from across Vermont is important to gain insights into what others are doing and to build collaborative relationships. Furthermore, at each meeting we will engage in professional learning activities to build our collective capacity on topics that are timely to our work.


VTCLA is an important conduit between curriculum leaders and various state organizations. The Vermont legislature and the Agency of Education are two important organizations that greatly impact what we as curriculum leaders do in our daily work environment. Given the myriad of education policy directives in Vermont, it is important that curriculum leaders have a voice in the policy arena. Other educational organizations in Vermont (i.e., VPA, VSA, etc.) currently advocate for their members by having a presence in legislative committee meetings and frequent contact with AOE department leaders. Starting in the 2019-2020 year, VTCLA will maintain closer partnerships with the VSA, VPA, and VCSEA, and the AOE, along with having a presence in the state house. It is critical that state legislators and senators, along with key leaders within the AOE hear our concerns and suggestions on education policy issues.

Quarterly Newsletter & Website

In October, January, March, and June, VTCLA members will receive a digital newsletter with relevant AOE updates, legislative updates, briefs on current education research, “voices from the field” detailing success stories from Vermont curriculum leaders, and a synthesis of pertinent resources, such as upcoming professional development opportunities. The goal of the newsletter is to provide members with important and up-to-date information in addition to having a venue for members to share the great work they are doing. VTCLA members will also have access to a “members only” section of our website. This section will host additional resources, information, and documents.

2019-2020 Membership Cost: $600 total cost

VTCLA Member Registration

Registration for individual sessions as a non-member




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